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Showreel Complete

I finally got my animation showreel done!

I included the animations that I did with my friend Jordan which were mainly Stop-motion ones.

I’m actually really happy with it. I originally intended to make it using Windows Live Movie Maker, but I need to use iMovie because it was making me angry.

I then made the entire soundtrack in GarageBand.

I really just put a repetitive sound in first and then hit random keys repeatedly- it sounds pretty good to me. I actually think it’s better than all my other attempts for the crystal world project.

I got the cartoon falling sound from Freesound.org. (Link: https://www.freesound.org/people/CGEffex/sounds/89546/)

Showreel link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FoZM5V1p-I&feature=youtu.be

Slug Storyboards

Attempt 1
Attempt 1

This is my first attempt at doing a storyboard for the slug assignment. Mike gave me some helpful feedback when he saw it.

He said that there weren’t enough frames to show the steps of the animation and that I had left out the anticipation that is required to indicate to the audience that something is about to happen. It was also hard to tell what was supposed to be happening in the animation as you couldn’t see the slug’s “face” at times so it was difficult to convey the emotions.

Attempt 2
Attempt 2

This was my second storyboard where I tried to rectify my previous mistakes, with some success.

Things to be addressed :

  • Staging
  • Rule of thirds
  • Volume
  • Camera angles

I hadn’t kept my slug or cube consistent in their volume, the storyboard was confusing with many camera angles that would conflict with one another (Mike said to consider the staging, that cameras should never be visible to one another but it would be touched on in class at a later point), and that I wasn’t paying head to the rule of thirds in my storyboard.

Attempt 3
Attempt 3

This was my latest attempt at storyboarding, taking all the feedback into consideration. On reflection, I may not have obeyed the rule of thirds (again) as I didn’t draw the grid on and was mostly attempting to obey the rule by eye.

I think it turned out well overall. I kept the camera angle consistent, I had the sense of anticipation and I hopefully, kept the volume of the slug consistent.

Also, I added in the line on the slug’s head (another helpful tip from Mike) to illustrate when the head or body twisted.

Blocked slug (trials)

Task :

“Study emotion through body language and produce a short animation with an emotional reaction to a cube/cone/sphere or cylinder with the provided WormBlob.ma character rig.

Each group is to concept a shared theme, with group members producing their own animations based on the group research and chosen emotion.

Explore using principles of animation through designing simple thumbnail drawings and then onto blocking key & in-between poses.  using maya stepped tangent animation throughout this project, also consider moving holds, and timing/spacing of the animation after the initial key blocking stage.

See Keith Lango & Jesse Baumgartner for reference & further research.

This maya animation can be presented as a playblast .mov file.”


Parkin, A. (2014). Design Discourse One Assignments. Available: http://www.animationbelfast.com/design-discourse-one-assignments/. Last accessed 16th Nov 2014.


My group chose to convey the emotion of anger, and we decided that the slug should attack one of the shapes in a fit of rage. Then we individually chose how we would animate the attack, and then showed one another the results.

Take 1

This was my first attempt at blocking out the slug animation. Watching it back, it is hard for the audience to tell what is supposed to be occurring. It appears as though the slug randomly jumps on top of the cube for no reason, you are unable to discern any emotion from its’ action.

There is no foreshadowing of what the slug is about to do (in other words there is no anticipation) and this is what makes the jumping action so jarring, the fact that it appears to abruptly jump without any sense of weight.

The camera angle also wasn’t helpful as the slug’s “face” is obscured from view, so it gives little indication as to it’s plans. There is also an issue with the jump itself, as the slug’s journey through the air seems somewhat uncomfortable to watch for whatever reason. It simply doesn’t feel right to me, however on a positive not, I like how the slug grips onto the cube when it lands.

The main issues, here, are; lack of story, no sense of anticipation, no sense of weight and camera angle.

Take 2

For this second take… well, things went wrong.

This time the slug ended up going through the cube, and they didn’t fall at the same time.

The jumping action seemed to go better in my opinion, and I tried to make it look as though the slug struggled when it was squashed but it appeared to all transpire to quickly.

The main issues, here, are; lack of story (again), no sense of anticipation (again), the Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) ability of the slug, and camera angle (again!).

However, I was getting a better feel for the blocking process despite the frustrating results that I was experiencing.

Take 3

This was probably the best blocked version I created. Whilst there wasn’t much sense of anticipation, and the camera angle issue still wasn’t rectified, I felt that the overlapping motion of the cube and slug falling had become more realistic. That being said, there is still something off when the slug initially makes contact with the cube, but the slug clinging on still has a nice feel to it.

In all three versions I did attempt anticipation- when you see the slug raise its head- although it isn’t sufficient to create the sense of something about to happen, or convey the anger of the slug.

Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZYJT3zawuY