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Third Animation : Morphing

I basically created the silhouettes of famous cartoon characters in Illustrator and then imported them into after effects.

Things Learnt

  • Create a Path on a shape layer

Set a keyframe on the path > copy and paste the paths of the Illustrator image on to the AE path and key it

  • How to Make¬†Illustrator Paths

Initially when I tried to copy and paste the characters into After Effects, all that was appearing was the outline of the shape and not the filled in version I had in Illustrator. To fix this, I noticed in After Effects the pen tool was used to create the shapes, therefore I used that to create a character (instead of the brush tool I’d been using) then copied & pasted it in. Hey presto! It worked.

  • Pickwhipping Colour

I created a background shape and dropped the Colorama effect on it, and then alt+clicked the colour on the fill part of the layer, then dragged the swirl up to the Character’s fill colour. This means that when the colour of the Character layer changes, the Background colour changes as well.


*Make sure there are no gaps on the Illustrator paths

*Group it with the path finder so that its one solid shape

Character Outlines

Character Silhouettes

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