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Media Influences

Some films and television series that influenced us in the genre and overall direction of the animation are cited below.

Both Cheaper by the Dozen and Laurel & Hardy are in the slapstick comedy genre that is really relevant to the plot of our 15 second film. We intend to have our T-Rex getting slapped in the face with a rock by the Parasaurolophus. These examples are great examples of comedic timing.

Furthermore, Laurel & Hardy, is similar in to our animation in that it is accidental conflict that sets in motion the chain of events that leads to the T-Rex throwing a stone. This also links into the conventions of comedy that we have been learning about in our lectures as conflict is a key component in this genre, along with bright colours, upbeat music (Matthew is researching that), quick camera changes to emphasise the comedic timing- the paceĀ is key in making things funny quite often in comedies- it has to flow quickly, and hopefully shots that highlight emotions that the characters are experiencing.

Land Before Time was really just a film that we all enjoyed watching when we were younger and they had full body dinosaurs too. I didn’t actually realise this at the time but we have a Parasaurolophus which is the same species of dinosaur as Ducky in the film (coincidently my favourite character).

I also just really enjoyed the TV show Primeval and I’m still annoyed that it was cancelled. I did get to meet Hannah Spearitt at Comic-Con last year though so that did make up for it a bit. Anyway, we decided that it was worthy of a mention.

NOTE: I forgot to say this, or maybe I said it earlier, I can barely remember anything at the minute. Our characters are darker to contrast and make them stand out from the background like in Rayman, taken from what Andrew said in his talk, and linking back in to our original inspiration.

Box set
Box set


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