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Creative Elements Notes 7


Squash and Stretch

-Hobbit : thing hit with a hammer – neither squash and stretch (realistic)

-Cartoon : thing hit with a hammer – both sq and str (comic)

-Don Bleuth : thing would squash but not the hammer (classical animation)

-For the cartoon, dust (or other effects) would be added to help explain the squash and stretch e.g. dust poofs out when squashed then gathers back in

-stretch when the object is moving outside his own volume


-See Charlie Chaplin (note: always listen to Freddy)

-Much of more an emotive expression rather than clinical science


-Establishes the scene, it helps to explain transitions, follows eye direction and creating opportunities for acting

-Consider camera angles (don’t conflict)


-Storyboards have to employ staging to help explain things to the audience

Pose-to-Pose & Straight Ahead Action (interchangeable)

-Eg Pose-to-pose: actor hitting the mark on the floor, or in animation planning out how things happen in the scene, so how something would fit to music

-Straight ahead,

Follow Through and Overlapping Action

-Move things in a more realistic fashion

-Secondary things eg capes effected by the main characters/objects movements

-Weight is also a key thing to be considered during this, for example the cape could be made of a heavy material and drag heavily behind the character

Slow in/out

-Graph editor in maya (look up some tutorials to get better at it)

-Easing in and out (remember all the different components that would be effected by that e.g. hair, toes… whatever- it gets complex)


-Broke the stiffness in animation when it was employed in the drawings

-Motion trail in maya (my friend)

Secondary action

-So an action that emphasises the main action e.g. hoola hooping but having you’re arms move as well as your hips

-Informs the audience much more deeply in what is possible with  particular character


-Most difficult, “practise makes perfect”

-Impacts upon weight, emotion, scale e.g. small character can spring up but a large character would be lumbering in its movements etc


-Emphasis character traits

-Convey anticipation

-Can be comedic or otherwise

Solid drawing eg Popeye

-Life drawing








What the audience are attracted to in the scene- so it doesn’t have to be cute.

Eg. Maleficent, simplistic design. Still appeals to the audience in a way that triggers an emotive response. You love to loathe her.

Pause Menu 2

This is the version of the pause menu with Sorcha’s font inserted- again, think it really fits with the Crystal world and the character’s Boulder and Ruby look awesome in their environment.

Dylan was responsible for drawing Ruby, initially based upon Greta’s design and Sorcha was responsible for Boulder- then I just placed them in my drawing with little editing.

Pause Menu 2
Pause Menu 2
Dylan's drawings of Ruby
Dylan’s drawings of Ruby
Greta's initial drawing of Ruby
Greta’s initial drawing of Ruby

Pause Menu 1

This is my initial drawing of the pause menu for our game.

Pause Menu 1
Pause Menu 1

My inspiration for this design was taken from the very first Tomb Raider game released in 1996 for the PS1 ( I cited it in an earlier post) as the menu was quite basic and self explanatory and you could still see the game in the background. The main difference is that it doesn’t give you the function of the PS1 controller’s buttons in a sub menu.

Tomb Raider (1996) Pause Menu
Tomb Raider (1996) Pause Menu

I need just adjust the font in my version.

I used the design that Clare did for the incubation chamber of the Crystal World at an earlier stage, (the crystals on the wall), as the design on the floor and walls of my background. I only recently discovered the perspective tool in Photoshop and find it absolutely great to work with.

Clare's Drawing
Clare’s Drawing

Save Screen 2

This is the updated version of my drawing with the ellipses corrected and the font changed to the typography that Sorcha created called “Crystalline” that she described as “Helvetica with lines through it”.

It’s nice and clean. It fits perfectly with the current crystal world (in my opinion) as its appearance is cleanly cut and rather elegant.

Corrected save screen
Corrected save screen

Christmas Spirit

Well, it’s December so I tried to make a Santa and no, he isn’t wearing a red suit, but I only had blank paper so sacrifices had to be made. Such is life.

Never tried to make a Santa before- and probably never will again. He gave me a paper cut and I wasn’t happy about that, that’s most likely why his name is an anagram of Satan.

Merry Christmas people.

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