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Showreel Complete

I finally got my animation showreel done!

I included the animations that I did with my friend Jordan which were mainly Stop-motion ones.

I’m actually really happy with it. I originally intended to make it using Windows Live Movie Maker, but I need to use iMovie because it was making me angry.

I then made the entire soundtrack in GarageBand.

I really just put a repetitive sound in first and then hit random keys repeatedly- it sounds pretty good to me. I actually think it’s better than all my other attempts for the crystal world project.

I got the cartoon falling sound from Freesound.org. (Link: https://www.freesound.org/people/CGEffex/sounds/89546/)

Showreel link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FoZM5V1p-I&feature=youtu.be

Carl Jr – Fixed

So, I corrected the issues that I had last time and this is the result.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OPl8ucQ2I0&feature=youtu.be

I think it went better this time, I’m still not entirely sure where I went wrong with it last time, but whatever it was didn’t come up this time.

I like how the camera angle changes (I also zoomed in so that you could actually see the animation), although there is still a bit of a lag on the descent, I’m happy with it.

You can see how the little ball pushes forward with it’s head and the tail just follows it, and the little antennae bobs along with the leg’s movements.

Refined Essay Question

I have decided what question I want to answer in my essay.

“How was female representation improved in Disney’s Mulan compared to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty?”

Things that I will need to consider:

  • Source of the tales
  • Factors that could influence the animation, for example;
    • Working conditions;
    • Social factors, and;
    • Audience
  • Content/storyline of the movie
  • Moral of the story
  • Relevant gender theorists
  • Conclusion


I managed to make a boot!

(Although it is more of a Chelsea boot than a Desert boot).

It’s not identical to real thing, but I think it looks alright.

I didn’t put the eyelets or laces in, mainly because I kept putting the holes the whole way through the boot, and since I couldn’t put them in, I couldn’t really add the laces or it would look a bit bizarre.

At least this way it definitely resembles a shoe.

Sally the Salt Model

Since I discovered how to use the middle mouse button and managed to make that pretty cool fan, I figured I should go back and try to model the objects that I originally intended to.

I had chosen to model “Sally the Salt” shaker- star of my Youtube stop motion, (link is at the end of this post)- however, you may notice that she is missing her eye. That is simply because it took me long enough to get the simple shape of condiment container.

There were two new tools I learnt to use whilst creating Sally.

The texture tool and the tool to make holes.

Although, I’m not too impressed with the fact that the holes were square but I have yet to master the patience of making it more circular.

I used the Autodesk site for guidance on how to actually create holes in models, and a youtube video for guidance on textures.

Sally Snapshot
Sally Snapshot
Sally Model
Sally Model

Youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-fFpmBYP_Q


MegaBcoyle. (2011). MAYA 3D ModellingTutorial – Materials and texturing in Maya. Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-fFpmBYP_Q&app=desktop. Last accessed 11th Dec 2014.