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Silver Ink

I received a reply from Silver Ink and unfortunately no luck.

They said that although they are committed to VR they have yet to have a paying CG job, but they’ll step up their efforts to find CGI VR work and if they find something they’ll be in touch.

So, back to the drawing board.

Silver Ink

I received a very nice reply from the folks at Silver Ink, saying that they liked my work but needed more information about what placement would entail so I sent them the placement handbook we’re given and information on the NI Screen funding stuff.

They also stated that they are more video than CG but that’s alright with me.

Knight Systems

I found out about two possible positions in Knight Systems that I could apply for, through the Recruit section on the Ulster University portal.

The first position was for a graphic designer and the second is for motion graphics, both of which would be used for the branding campaign for the new product they have created.

It would be paid for and last 8 weeks, so a good start to cutting into placement time.

I typed up an email and sent it in for both positions, so we’ll see how it goes.