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Reflective Post


I found this assignment pretty fun to do initially, but I think I might have been overly optimistic in what we could achieve within the time. I have to say the animation was my least favourite part, mainly because I don’t think I’m very good at it. I can get the basic poses, but trying to add subtly to the movements is difficult for me. The Animator’s Survival Kit can only help so much, along with reference videos, but I still find it hard to judge.

I particularly enjoyed the modelling part of the assignment, and then having the part to specialise in a particular area. I think if I had made better use of my time, I could have had a better outcome in my work.


I really enjoyed this module. Mainly, the animated short was the highlight for me, seeing the amount of improvement in all our animations from our first attempts. I particularly enjoyed Katie, Blayne and Natasha’s animation, that was just fantastic.

I felt as though this module helped to give me a better idea of what I might like to do, and also let us experiment a lot to see what could work and what doesn’t, as well as highlighting how important planning is.



The books shown below are the main sources of information that I will be utilising for my essay.

I read Constructing Masculinity, and found it really interesting but none of the information was really applicable to my essay.


Berger, M., Wallis, B., Watson, S. and Weems, C. (1995). Constructing masculinity. New York: Routledge.

Foote, P. and Wilson, D. (1970). The Viking achievement. New York: Praeger.

Spicer, A. (2001). Typical men. London: I.B. Tauris Publishers.

Reflective Essay

Reflection on the process

I am quite impressed with what we managed to accomplish in the eight weeks that we have been back. Compared to the same time last year, our fifteen second animation was a bit of a mess… Things hadn’t rendered correctly, sound was not finished yet and we did not even have a certain scene done yet. All these problems and it was only 30 seconds long.

This time, we managed to create a two minute long animation, complete with sound, everything rendered several times and a couple of different versions of scenes. (By the way, as regards to it being two minutes long… Time is somewhat an abstract concept and this is our interpretation of the fifteen to thirty seconds).

We kept the animation relatively simple, so we were not overloaded with work, and focussed more on making a visually attractive piece that would heavily rely on sound to create the atmosphere the would emphasise the events on screen. I think we achieved the result we wanted, if not something even better than we planned.

I was thoroughly impressed with how well we worked together as a team, and that made it not so worrying when trying to create an abstract animation, which we had not really seen in any previous years work aside from some of Kristian’s stuff. That being said, we planned out our workload pretty well and that helped us avoid a lot of stress.

There was a clear jump in the standard of our animations last year compared to what the outcome of the projects were last year and it was really exciting to see. I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the future.

Response to feedback

In response to the feedback we received, noted in the “Feedback Week 7” post, we were rather pleased. Everyone seemed to find our animation was effective in creating the tone and emotions that we intended. The comments on what to change were focussed on minor things that would help with the aesthetic of the short. We have managed to change the perspective shot of the marble so it fills the shot more, we attempted to add the pulse into the scene where the synapse shatters but it wasn’t visible so we did not change the scene, we could not work out why the face was so noisy, making the liquid have more reflection turned it white according to Aidan so that was not changed, the background issue was actually the reflection of the light bouncing off the brain and would have meant rendering both Aidan and Mark’s scenes again which would have taken too much time, we fixed the pace of the credits and title, and the sound. Also, the time it took to render the marble scene again, there was no longer any time left for us to render the ripple on the head. I had tried to use a wave deformer on the head as you can see in a previous post, but it did not seem to have much of an affect.

Refined Essay Question

I have decided what question I want to answer in my essay.

“How was female representation improved in Disney’s Mulan compared to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty?”

Things that I will need to consider:

  • Source of the tales
  • Factors that could influence the animation, for example;
    • Working conditions;
    • Social factors, and;
    • Audience
  • Content/storyline of the movie
  • Moral of the story
  • Relevant gender theorists
  • Conclusion

Possible Essay Question

Question : How has gender representation changed over the years in Disney films?

Focusing on Sleeping Beauty vs Mulan

So I would include external factors at the time of creation e.g. sexism work environment and feminist milestones that occurred etc, also mention the original sources of the stories, and any relevant gender theories.

Some sources already.

Butler, L. (2014). How Sleeping Beauty is Accidentally the Most Feminist Animated Movie Disney Ever Made. Available: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2014/11/how-sleeping-beauty-is-accidentally-the-most-feminist-animated-movie-disney-ever-made-and-how-maleficent-proves-it. Last accessed 2 Dec 2014.

Saraiya. (2012). Ranked: Disney Princesses From Least To Most Feminist. Available: http://www.nerve.com/entertainment/ranked/ranked-disney-princesses-from-least-to-most-feminist. Last accessed 2 Dec 2014.