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Slug polished fixed

Slug 1 video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3CU4jMUncg&feature=youtu.be

This video was fixed using the feedback I received. Mike said about not having most of the scene empty and having the slug and cube the main focus, so I changed the camera angle to be over the shoulder of the cube. I also (as you can see) made use of the motion trail and then forgot to turn off its’ visibility before putting it into playblast.

I found the motion trail much easier to use than the graph editor for some reason. It is a nice thing to see the path of the slug as you move it.

Hence why I have two videos.

Slug 2 video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYUvxlA_AmE&feature=youtu.be

This second video is basically the same as the first without the motion trail being a distraction.

The things that I fixed -aside from the staging and camera angles- was the slug’s initiation forward movement (I shortened it) then made the slug’s jump longer. It got rid of the floaty, fluid-like feeling as it moved through the air and I think it gives the animation a more realistic feeling.

I think it went well overall.


Presentation 3 – Fixed version

This is the Crystal world developed more.

We took on board the feedback and tried to incorporate into this presentation.

  • There was more research
  • We created a backstory for the planet
  • Tried to show the rooms in use, and adhering to composition
  • We also tried to keep all concepts 16:9
  • And we also made a map of the ship, to help to place where the rooms would be

Presentation : Build A World 2

Same approach to the presentation as before, we split the slides between ourselves and then jumped in if any details were left out. Stephen was quite good at chipping in additional details about the ship.

You may notice that each of the Crystal world presentations have a blue background, I did this so that I could tell which presentations were related and as the project developed I made the world get progressively darker.