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Getting An Audience

I found this article quite helpful in breaking down the steps of building an audience on a web comic, because in all honestly social media and online communities are things that I’m just not that familiar with, so this was essential for walking through it.

I’ll just write down the four main steps but I’d definitely recommend going and reading the article in full. Thats the four main phases but in each phase it breaks it down further into the various steps and questions you should be asking when working out your own webcomic.

Four Main Steps





Harvard Citations

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Substance and Alphas

Creating alphas for substance

  1. I created an alpha in Photoshop to create the teeth on the red part of the hand drill
  2. Saved it as a .tif file for best quality
  3. Open Substance
  4. File > Import image > Select your Alpha
  5. Your new alpha should be in the brush list

Harvard Citation

Ronn, J. ( 2016). Substance Painter – Adding Custom Alpha. Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OanyrA9onh8. Last accessed 24th Apr 2017.


Substance and Normal Maps

Both James and Rachel showed me how to do this, but I didn’t write it down and subsequently forgot.

Thankfully, there was a tutorial on the subject and I only needed the first two minutes to get the answer to my question.

Adding detail with Normal Maps

  1. Add empty layer
  2. Turn off every channel except normal
  3. Add normal stamp of your choosing to the normal channel
  4. Turn off alpha (prevents softening of the edges)
  5. Make sure flow is at 100%
  6. Click away

TIP: Hold cmd and click to create a line of detail.


Courses Planet [Graphics & Animation & others]. (2017). substance painter __ Adding Details – Stamping Normal Maps. Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KHHs41jzwM. Last accessed 12th Apr 2017.

Sofa Anthropometrics

In order for Malcolm to be correctly proportioned to the couch that he’ll be sitting upon, I thought it would be best to research the standard sort of measurements for furniture and adjust them accordingly since Malcolm isn’t actually proportioned like a real person but is more cartoonish with his oversized head.

Harvard Citations


Script Research

I found this site that was quite helpful in further elaborating on the design of a script and shooting script. So I’m debating on whether or not to also do a shooting script since I know in my head what camera angles I want to use already and it will be clear from the storyboard too (hopefully).


filmschoolonline. (2017). Script Format. Available: http://filmschoolonline.com/sample_lessons/sample_lesson_format.htm. Last accessed 28 Nov 2016.