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Do you ever want to draw something but have absolutely no idea what to draw?

Well, I had that problem today and was trying to think of something, and then thought that other people are bound to have had the same problem.

So I thought, most people would google the answer, so I did that and found this.

Link : http://something-to-draw.com/index.php?tags=&last_id=10301945315

It a website that will give you an image to draw.

There are also options for people to paint, sculpt, do origami, or even staining glass!

So that’s solved that problem now.

It pays to have friends

I went to Villier’s Park in 2013 to do a week long course in Computer Science.

I still kept in touch with the people that I was there with, and it’s  good thing I did, because going through that Scratchapixel stuff was starting to fry my brain.

The C++ parts just seemed to come out of nowhere, it didn’t break down the structure but assumed you could get it.

Since the guys that were at Villier’s actually had an interest in computer science and were rather awesome at it, I asked them for help.

They were kind enough to breakdown the code for me and another gave me the link to a site (http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/)  where he learnt C++, so my brain no longer resembles scrambled eggs.

I doubt that’s going to last long…

Moral of the story, always keep in touch with people.