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Spooky Silhouette Doodle

Second sketch, getting more enjoyable the more I do. The hard part is actually doing the initial scribble and not just shading in the canvas.

Starting Scribble
Starting Scribble
Finished Sketch
Finished Sketch

Monster Miner Doodle

I’m going to be doing a series of illustrations on photoshop by creating images out of scribbles on my graphics tablet.

Starting Scribble
Starting Scribble

I tried to make it into a little mining type creature that was cradling a fluorescent bar to light the way.

End Image
End Image

“FrailFred” Walk Cycle


[Fred Sketch]

[Fred walk sketch]

I wanted to have Fred walking, hunched over, and rather flat footed so he is stamping his way.


  • Started from the feet up
  • Got one foot moving as I wanted then did the opposite for the other foot (make notes on values used because it is very hard to remember and tedious to keep checking)
  • Check the leg movement and adjust if needed
  • Adjust the degree of hip swivel
  • Hunch the back and the shoulders
  • Animate the movement of the shoulders
  • Make the fingers curl in on themselves to look like the man has arthritis
  • Get the arms to swing starting at the top, down to the wrist (adjusted last)
  • Tweak any awkward movements

Starting out:

Feet movement (side view) : https://youtu.be/l8RxGMgJrxI

Feet movement (front view) : https://youtu.be/jRSQd5TsLII

Hips (front view) : https://youtu.be/Z8yEo0xFaww

Upper half (side view) : https://youtu.be/NhBh25mLB9U

Full body (side view) : https://youtu.be/oc7i045jies


Feet (side view) : https://youtu.be/hGHOyDzyHRc

Full Body (front view) : https://youtu.be/O42___eQuuU

Full body (perspective) : https://youtu.be/UbtYQ8oeh2Y

Shoulders (front view) : https://youtu.be/jRLFszNULN8

Full body (side view) : https://youtu.be/wWlGmrFxILI

Top half (front view) : https://youtu.be/2g6luugfrGI

Hips (front view) : https://youtu.be/NK2_DrIW3FE

Feet (front view): https://youtu.be/qO2ux2OGsXY

Passing The Time

I’m not entirely sure how to explain this one. I was trying to think of something to draw and started with a dodgy circle which resulted in this.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 18.21.42
Rough sketch
Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 18.22.00
Background colour
Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 18.22.27
Adding arrows and rim
Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 18.22.45
Adding polished icons
Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 18.30.39
Adding shade to rim (final image)

What are they:

1. Reading time (best time as a kid in my opinion)

2. Party time

3. Hammer time

4. Tea time

5. Break time

6. Lieu time

7. Bath time

8. Time warp (bit of a cheat but I love the song so tough)

9. Question time

10. Bed time

11. Show time

12. Summer time