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Origami Animation

Since I have recently rediscovered my enjoyment of origami, I found this video quite entertaining.

Link:¬†CGI 3D Animated Short HD: “Origami” – by ESMA

It is eight minutes and twenty three seconds long, and appeared in my recommended videos, which I’m quite thankful for. It’s a pleasant video to watch, ignoring their eyebrows which I find quite off-putting since they are very… present? If you watch it you should be able to see what I mean (I also apologise in case ¬†that is now all that you notice when you watch it).

Anyway, this video lead to the discovery of the channel “The CGBros” which has quite a few other videos on CG and VFX that I fully intend on exploring.

Christmas Spirit

Well, it’s December so I tried to make a Santa and no, he isn’t wearing a red suit, but I only had blank paper so sacrifices had to be made. Such is life.

Never tried to make a Santa before- and probably never will again. He gave me a paper cut and I wasn’t happy about that, that’s most likely why his name is an anagram of Satan.

Merry Christmas people.

Photo on 02-12-2014 at 16.26