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Since my snakes have grown quite a lot I think it’s time to give them a bigger enclosure, but rather than buy a brand new one, I’ve decided to build on top of the existing structure, mainly because the space where it stored is rather limited and it would be difficult to find a vivarium that would fit.

I started with the easy bit, my granda got a bit of hardboard that will serve as the backboard in the vivarium and here is how it shaped up.

NOTE: You may be confused as to why the can says “Butterfly Deodorant”, and it is because I used to like playing with bugs- especially ants. One time when I was on holiday with my family, I was about 5, and we were at a restaurant. I sat on the floor and was playing with the ants, then one of the people that worked there came over and started spraying them and of course I started getting upset that he was killing my friends. My family tried to convince me that he was just spraying them in deodorant which I knew was rubbish because I could see them dying and I had seen the pictograph on the bottle that had a big red cross through a bug.

Brother’s wall

So, my brother has asked me to paint something on his wall.

Initially he just wanted Marvel characters, but then he decided he wanted to have some Mortal Kombat characters too.

It has now progressed to Mortal Kombat versus Marvel characters.

Anyway, I’ve created a few mock ups of the scene.

NOTE: I just got images of the characters from google so that I could work out their placement, rather than sketching them all out in photoshop since I’d be moving them around and wasn’t sure which characters Aaron wanted me to use.



He decided that he wanted the background to be changed as it wouldn’t go with the rest of his room, and also, that Raiden should be lowered to the ground.


This was just another possible idea that I had, of using half the board as Marvel and the other as Mortal Kombat, but he preferred the other format. It is also important to note, his wall is basically a square, so I’m going to need to take that into account. Trying to squeeze so much detail into the space, with each character’s face could end up being a disaster, so we ditched that.


This is the final image. This should be what I end up painting it onto the wall, but he may end up changing his mind, who knows.

He initially wanted to get rid of Spiderman altogether, but then I pointed out that it would end up with six MK characters. So then he wanted to get rid of Kitana, since it would reduce the amount of blue. Instead, I lowered Spidey so that he wasn’t swinging in the breeze, and added in Mileena instead. I did offer to put Jade in, but he wanted the pink one.