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I think the story is too short now, because you still don’t really get what’s happening. I want there to be something after Malcolm gets eaten, but I can’t think of what.

What I’m thinking of at the minute is Malcolm then attacking what he perceives to be the monster and it’s only when Officer Dolos intervenes that it’s revealed to be all a hallucination. In reality the monster is in fact Malcolm.

That last bit just came to me as I was writing. I think I may in fact have all the items be the same monster so then it all sort of ties together.

You know what, it’s too late. I’m going with it. Hopefully, this works out.

Knowing my luck, it’s going to crash and burn in my face.



Knight Systems

Had a bit of a panic, but Edward and Mark helped talk me through it. I honestly didn’t think I’d get this finished and what a horrible first impression that would be.

However, I got it done. I think my eyes might fall out of my head… but, I got it done.

Edward gave me some good tips on lighting the scene, and how to make the room a bit more realising, but I’m too short on time now to add in the column to make it clear that behind the desk is actually a window.

No lighting at this moment
Added IBL
Added an image, but as Edward pointed out it looks like the office and image are from separate worlds. Used a different image for global illumination as it warped when I rendered it.
The warping I mentioned.
Final outcome.