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Link to presentation: https://youtu.be/cwlFh-VhlgA

Mark made the presentation a video because we became aware that the transitions didn’t work for his presentations- or the videos- when it was converted to a pdf.


  • Play with alpha channels & z depth in After Effects
  • Worried about render times & workload
    • Response- renders usually 2-3 minutes per frame, and none of us have felt stressed about making this work. We all know the work that we need to do and have made a start on it already, so we should have the animation completed in ample time.
  • Confused as to how it will play out, needs to see it pieced together

Feedback Week 3

Presentation: Week 3 Presentation PDF


  • Go more abstract, whenever you are approaching something that looks even vaguely representational or recognisable, back away
  • Abstract animations DO have a narrative, but the narrative becomes the users experience rather than what is being shown on the screen
  • Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve
  • Seems like we have a strong team, we should have a really good outcome