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Plan of Action

I think my first step is to consider what type of film I want to make, by that I mean how it would be categorised in a festival. Would it be CGI, live action, 2D etc?

My first thoughts are that I want a mixture of 3D and 2D. Mostly because I enjoy modelling and have discovered a love of animating in After Effects. However, I think it would be best to focus mainly on 3D and use After Effects to edit afterwards.

Furthermore, it gives me a chance to improve on a lot of aspects of work, I’ll get some experience in rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering and animating, along with getting to use different software.

That brings us to genre, ideally I’d like to do horror, as I love horror films. That being said, I think I should first settle on an idea before really nestling into a particular genre (or sub-genre). (*whispers* but it will be horror).

Right, so the next step I think is going to be settling on an idea.




Must include:

  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Wireframe
  • UV map
  • HD flythrough + stills
  • Don’t use physical sun and sky. Maybe try IBL with a gradient?
  • Consider: polygon count, composition, scene organisation

What we want to include:

  • Include the bridge
  • A displacement map
  • Two ships
  • Organic buildings (see designs)

What we need to do:

  • Design buildings
  • Settle on a plan of the layout
  • Design ships
  • Model ships and buildings
  • Create a displacement map


Amy and I have decided to be in a team for our animation and modelling task. Currently, our initial idea would be to have two characters that we could animated and then place together in a scene.

If we take some reference footage of two characters interacting in some way, then the timing of each character should not differ, and allow us to animate the characters without constantly checking each other’s work and then we could simply import each other’s characters into our individual scenes.


In one of the books I read, cannot remember which one it was, but it had a nice little breakdown of what work was involved in every scene and I thought it would be useful for each person in our group to have so that everyone would know exactly what is involved in each scene.

I drew up a simplified version of the plan and shared it with the group.

Simple Plan
Simple Plan

The completed versions are in my folder, and I also took pictures of them and shared them with the rest of my group, so everyone had an identical plan and there would be no reason for something being missed.