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Character Poses

These are the poses that I chose to make the juice box and flour sack do. I sketched them first of all before I posed them. Juice Box:

Flour Sack:


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Life Drawing Class 3

For Life Drawing this week we were shown some of the work that Mike had done, which was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, we had a fire alarm go off during the start of the lesson and then had to wait to be allowed access back into the building, therefore we did not get many drawings done in the class.


That being said we loosened up by doing quick two minute poses and then used tip sheets from Don Bleuth’s Dirk the Daring to try and draw Robert as Dirk.

You can see from the two A2 pages that I have improved from the first week in getting the proportions of Robert’s body consistent, however, when I then had to use Dirk’s proportions I found it rather difficult to visualise in my head and then translate onto the page.


You can that we also began to draw faces. We got the tip sheets for the 1940’s animated series of Superman, and we had to draw a skull as well.

I decided to throw a Batman in there for variety.

The aim of the exercise was to practice perspective and to try and get consistency in the size of the face.

We then had to practice drawing Dirk and Superman for homework, along with Winnie the Pooh.

Robert as Dirk
Robert as Dirk

These sketches were just a continuation of practicing Robert’s poses, and practising Dirk’s proportions.

The aim is to then draw Dirk without needing to reference the tip sheets, instead being able to visualise the character in your mind.