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Final Presentation

Presentation: Faolen Studios 2

(Feedback in notebook)


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BMC Feedback

My BMC iterations should be with my red notebook.


  • Rather juvenile approach i.e. surface deep research
  • A lot more detail is needed
  • Presentations will be marked next time
  • Present the business with much more detail i.e. have your assumptions tested
  • Look at Khan Academy- the site and the TED TALK
  • Focus down onto a particular subject to test it on – chemistry is often a subject teachers remark on children having difficulty with, maybe focus on a certain topic e.g. ionic bonding to start
  • Molly mention Spoonflower as a cheap way to get merchandise

Books to Read:

  1. The Long Tail
  2. Purple Cow
  3. Tipping Point
  4. Tribes
  5. Influence
  6. Principles of persuasion
  7. The four hour work week
  8. Guns, germs and steel


Feedback Week 3

Presentation: Week 3 Presentation PDF


  • Go more abstract, whenever you are approaching something that looks even vaguely representational or recognisable, back away
  • Abstract animations DO have a narrative, but the narrative becomes the users experience rather than what is being shown on the screen
  • Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve
  • Seems like we have a strong team, we should have a really good outcome

Final Presentation

This was our presentation for our 15 second animation.

Presentation: 15 Second Presentation Final

issues we were aware of prior to presenting:

  • Rendering scene seven (flag scene) it only showed one frame when put into FCheck but it had actually rendered each frame? It also had the sky missing but it showed up on my Mac
  • Jump in camera between scene 2 and 3
  • Matthew managed to make his scene over twice the length it should have been, I had showed him the table with the length of the scenes in it but he must have forgotten because he said that we had never decided on a set length for the scene.
  • I helped him retexture the dinosaurs and importing the scene into the landscape, but having keyed all the values of the rocks he wasn’t able to move them into the correct position and had to reanimate them, which he put off doing until the second years told him that there wasn’t another way around it. It was understandable that he was reluctant to redo something that took him ages but it was frustrating at the same time. He also didn’t have a set camera so I added that in for him, although seeing it later once Ryan had put it together I saw that it was a poorly thought out position.
  • Then the scene had to be rendered which held up Ryan editing it together.
  • Matthew was responsible for sound but said that day that he didn’t actually have software to create any music or add sound effects to the animation
  • Since Matthew’s scene was longer, we cut scene 6 and scene 7 was left out due to the rendering error so Ryan had to try and work the scene’s we had into something presentable.

NOTE: Feedback for this presentation is under New Narratives > Task 4

Things I forgot to say when presenting:

  • Parasaurolophuses were both bipeds and quadrupeds and a breed of Hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur)
  • Their name means “near crested lizard” in latin
  • Tyrannosaurs, whilst having short arms (1m) relative to their height, had extremely thick humerus so that means their arms were actually rather powerful as the bone was thicker to support large muscle tissue
  • Both dinosaurs would have inhabited what is now know as North America but at the time was part of a larger continent known as Laramidia, so the continents had begun to separate from their original mass of Pangea
  • Parasaurolophuses were known prey of the Tyrannosaurs