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Uh oh!

There’s me thinking I’m dead clever using Reelport and submitting my film before the deadline, ahahaha!

Nope, nothing is ever simple for me.

Got an email from the film festival, they no longer operate with Reexport so I had upload the film to Youtube and send them a link that way.

Now it’s finally over.

(Finger’s crossed)

Updated Malcolm

I forgot. When panicking about the turning head, one of my solutions as I mentioned was doing a rotoscoped version of turning Malcolm’s head, but after discounting that idea and considering the feasibility of doing a 3D head in after effects having done something similar with the Paper Plane animation and the Map animation (both found in Placement > Hunting category)… I got rid of Malcolm’s Hair. I figured it would be too difficult to add that as 3D on top of all the work I have to right now.

The version on the right is when he is about to attack Officer Dolos so I’m rigging his arms and legs in After Effects as I found out how to do when creating my walk cycle (found in Placement > Hunting category)

Issues – What’s new?

There’s two main issues today.

  1. Forgot the background
  2. Too long

Addressing problem 1. This was an oversight on my part. When the scene with the creature morphing on the chair happens, as the eyes focus to one picture, I forgot to add the living room behind the chair, so there is currently just black space. Therefor, I simply had to go back and add in the background before re-rendering the scene. Not a catastrophic error but a frustrating and time-consuming one that I would have been better off not having to deal with.

Number 2. The scene where the creatures morph in the chair is too long. At 10 seconds, the scene drags out and the morph isn’t as scary because it’s slow and lacks the shocking impact. I’m going to half the time and hopefully, that will make it snappier.

Animatic Issues

I have created the opening scene to the story for the animatic but it won’t output in After Effects, I have the preview quality down to a quarter of what it should be because otherwise it doesn’t display the various layers.

I honestly didn’t anticipate this scene of all of them to be causing the issues. It seemed fairly straight forward and yet here we are.

I got this error message :

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 16.37.42.png

I tried to fix the problem by rendering out at a quarter of the quality (not just previewing it at a quarter) but I still got that message.

When I went on to the adobe forum about this issue (entering that url into my browser only lead me to google links) I found a pretty helpful reply.


I hadn’t touched my memory since I started using after effects, which includes all my showreels, vex work and just unfinished projects- so hopefully once I have purged my cache and RAM, this scene will render out.

Harvard Citiation

Adobe. (2013).¬†What does “Purge” do?.¬†Available: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1152291. Last accessed 5th Jan 2017.


I think the story is too short now, because you still don’t really get what’s happening. I want there to be something after Malcolm gets eaten, but I can’t think of what.

What I’m thinking of at the minute is Malcolm then attacking what he perceives to be the monster and it’s only when Officer Dolos intervenes that it’s revealed to be all a hallucination. In reality the monster is in fact Malcolm.

That last bit just came to me as I was writing. I think I may in fact have all the items be the same monster so then it all sort of ties together.

You know what, it’s too late. I’m going with it. Hopefully, this works out.

Knowing my luck, it’s going to crash and burn in my face.