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Backboard 2

I decided to make a backboard for the bottom vivarium, rather than the plastic sheet currently on it.




I discovered, when I was putting the backboard into place, that i had managed to measure the placement of the bottom vent incorrectly and instead had to put the vent behind the wood. That being said, the top vent was a perfect fit and helps to pin the board to the back of the vivarium without the need for any adhesives.


Since my snakes have grown quite a lot I think it’s time to give them a bigger enclosure, but rather than buy a brand new one, I’ve decided to build on top of the existing structure, mainly because the space where it stored is rather limited and it would be difficult to find a vivarium that would fit.

I started with the easy bit, my granda got a bit of hardboard that will serve as the backboard in the vivarium and here is how it shaped up.

NOTE: You may be confused as to why the can says “Butterfly Deodorant”, and it is because I used to like playing with bugs- especially ants. One time when I was on holiday with my family, I was about 5, and we were at a restaurant. I sat on the floor and was playing with the ants, then one of the people that worked there came over and started spraying them and of course I started getting upset that he was killing my friends. My family tried to convince me that he was just spraying them in deodorant which I knew was rubbish because I could see them dying and I had seen the pictograph on the bottle that had a big red cross through a bug.