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Disney Phoneme Chart

Found this really helpful to use as reference on doing a lip sync animation.


Disney Phoneme Chart

This is a phoneme chart that was a big help for animating the mouth movements. They made the characters speech movements look realistic and they were easy to follow.

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Two heads are better than one

I have way to many head puns.

It is not yet finished; eyes, ears and nostrils need to be put in along with the shape adjust somewhat, but nearly there.

This time I decided to start with a sphere for the head, so that I didn’t make (one of) the same mistakes as last time and forget to have the head come back in. I then deleted the bottom of the sphere and extruded the edged to create the neck.

After that, I started on the face. I deleted some of the faces on the sphere and created the eyes, also flattening the forehead. I worked down, creating the mouth and nose with the create polygon tool and join up to the rest of the face. Working out from the neck to create the chin.

Once I was satisfied with the shape of the lower part of the face, I went back and deleted the top of the sphere and moved the vertices so that it followed the correct topology, then extruded the edges so that I could seal the head off. I used one of the topographical models from thundercloud.com as a guide for where my edge loops should go.

Really, aside from modelling the eyes and ears, I really just need to tweak it.

The cheeks should come out a little more and the right side of the face should go more to the left, but so far so good, I haven’t had any nasty deformations as of yet, so as long as I keep my head it should be good.

Head Reference Images

I had to get pictures of Andrew’s head for reference when I come to model it. Initially I was just going to have him stand there and take the pictures but we found out he is just too tall for me to reach. So, he sat down to make it easier for me- and was still taller. However, the height difference was significally decreased so I got the photos.

Next I’ll draw on the various facial muscle groups onto the photos so it will be easier to edge loop in Maya.