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Poster Design

Okay… This took a while. It wouldn’t have been complete except for Jennie helping me. When I last met in person with Danny we had discussed the poster being similar to Christopher Nolan’s film posters because I felt they were simple yet really effective at capturing the tone of the film.

Example of the posters


As you can see, they are fairly straightforward. A silhouette in the foreground and a dramatic scene in the background.

I took it upon myself to design the poster, and created this initially after a few hours.


I then sent it to Jennie for feedback, since she is far better at me at painting, and she said:

  • Add green light onto the characters
  • Have more detail
  • Make sure the characters fit with Danny’s style (they didn’t as you can see from the concept art in the powerpoints)
  • Add shadow on to the back of the stones too
  • The hill looks like a small bump

Jennie very graciously offered to help me and I sent her a version after that were I had added some trees to try and make the scene more interesting and add a sense of scale. Mainly thinking that all that needed fixed was the characters hair.




^^This was Jennie’s quick version to help illustrate her advice. The clouds were much better than my attempt (using difference clouds) and i could see there was a difference in scale. I also liked how she blended the grass on the hill.

So I had another go.



  • The poster is still missing something, possibly because its rather flat i.e. little detail to help the scene seem more 3D or it could be theres a lot of empty space
  • Try doing different thumbnails to experiment with composition

I ended up producing this quick sketch to try and emphasise the height of the hill, and bringing back the trees to add a sense on scale.

I received the following feedback:


I then created this version:


This version features the font I designed called “BluQ” after the name of Danny’s business. The white lines on the poster are there to help me remember where the two character’s eye lines should be. I tried to make their poses more dynamic with Ari reaching for his sword and Ryne reaching out to him in fear.

By this point Jennie was actively collaborating with me on making the comic and I had shown Danny some of the earlier versions and he was pretty excited about it. I sent this version to Jennie and she came up with this quick doodle that I thought was more atmospheric than my 3 hour construction. This was to get the shape down right before she added in the two characters.


After all this, Jennie obviously had to focus on her own work, so I used her design to create the final poster (see below). Without Jennie’s help I definitely would not have been able to get to this standard of poster. I would have handed in the first one, but I am pleased with what the outcome is. Chatting about it afterwards it seems that the turning point was with the character design, as the curved shapes (which Mike talked about in Life Drawing) really took away to stiffness on the characters and made the poster a more dynamic piece of work. (Also pleased to say I did the hair myself).



Creative Solutions and Enterprise

Below is our initial thought processes when we were given the task of designing cover art for the “Creative Solutions” and “Creative Enterprise” modules.

Board Ideas
Board Ideas

The image above was the first whiteboard of ideas/thoughts we had regarding the task. (My work is coloured  in yellow).

Board 2
Board 2

We also planned out the dimensions that we had to work within and how to try and have everyone’s contribution noticed.

Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions
Creative Enterprise
Creative Enterprise

To either side is the research that Siobhan did, to clarify what each module actually entailed.

We thought, that with a better understanding of the modules, we would then be able to illustrate the cover art to give a good idea to whomever was viewing the images what the module involved before viewing the content inside.

We used some word association to play around with some concepts that we could use for the cover arts.

To the right is our other board where we doodled some of our thoughts, and also wound up with a rainbow frog, with no real idea why- bu it looked friendly!

We also came up with our team name “CRANGS” using the initial of everyone’s name.

Brief guide
Brief guide

The photograph to the left shows how we broke up each task so that everyone had something to contribute, people understood what they were doing and to ensure the task was completed within the deadline.


The photograph to the right is the drawing which Siobhan did for the machine to illustrate processing, Greta did the gears and some of the machinery, Ryan drew the robot, Aidan and Courtney coloured the two images in whilst I put in the gradient and created the powerpoint.