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Swelling Logo Tutorial

What I learnt:

  • Convert audio to bars,waves or dots by using
  • Add a glow to layers by using the glow effect
  • Create a circular comp by adding the polarity effect
  • Make the logo swell by adding bulge effect

Harvard Citations

VideoCopilot. (2013). Advanced Spin FX Tutorial. Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ykJ8NxDMCE. Last accessed 11th Oct 2016.

Polygon Tutorials

These are videos showing the different stages of the animated polygons I created following the Video Copilot tutorial.

What I learnt:

  • Create a square comp > Add radio waves effect > can then change the number of sides so that it changes from circles to a polygon, in my case a hexagon
  • Add a mask to the polygon layer and change the wave type to mask (the mask should originate from the centre of the comp) and this lets you warp the mask and therefore warp the polygon shape
  • You can key frame the colour of the radio waves according to it’s lifespan

Adding the displace

  • New solid > Layer Styles > Gradient Overlay
  • Change gradient form linear to angle
  • Pre-compose the gradient layer (turn off visibility)
  • Create new adjustment layer > Add time displacement > Change displacement layer to gradient comp
  • Change the time resolution to get the sliced effect
  • The gradient is the key – white is the beginning and black is the end
  • Maybe add a turbulent displace to the gradient layer for some cool effects

Note: If you create more shapes, drop them beneath the displacement layer and they’ll be affected too

Adding shadows

  • Duplicate comp > add tint to bottom layer (making it black) > Add Scale wipe effect to pull it out > Add linear wipe to add falloff

Add Texture

  • Import a textured image e.g. Brick > tweak the contrast and maybe add a tint > change mode to screen and place above background

Harvard Citations:

VideoCopilot. (2015). Animated Polygon Tutorial. Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuaBg1agd70. Last accessed 10th Oct 2016.