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Making Head(way)

I decided to try and get my head model out of the way so that I could focus all my efforts on the animation.

Things started off okay, I had my reference images and I had my Mac working again, then I started modelling using the tutorial mentioned in a previous post.

I think this is where I made my initial mistake. I believe I used too many vertices and created a modelled too detailed to start with, rather than layering the detail. Still, I persevered, and ended up with a decent starting point with the nose, mouth and eye modelled. However, I began to wonder why the eye was black and realised that the faces were backwards- weird but okay- I fixed that.

Then I noticed that the outline that I originally created was deformed, again strange but I eventually ended up deleting it and rebuilding it. I probably should of stopped and started again, but no I went on thinking I could correct whatever was wrong.

I ignored how the model had weird bulges in its head, assured that I would simply adjust them when I sealed the head- big mistake.

It is only now after a solid 25 hours of work that I realised just why the face had little black bits on the face when I smoothed it- I thought it was the edge loops but I accidentally had it on smooth with X-Ray and discovered stacks of little triangle just waiting to be discovered to destroy any of my remaining sanity.

Over 10,000 of the little so and sos were there. I decided it wasn’t worth my eyes falling out and rolling away to sit and delete them, so I’ve started again! (Also, the fact that I forgot the neck goes in again and not just straight back didn’t help).