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Backboard 2

I decided to make a backboard for the bottom vivarium, rather than the plastic sheet currently on it.




I discovered, when I was putting the backboard into place, that i had managed to measure the placement of the bottom vent incorrectly and instead had to put the vent behind the wood. That being said, the top vent was a perfect fit and helps to pin the board to the back of the vivarium without the need for any adhesives.



So there three faces, then a removable door so that the top vivarium can be cleaned out. I used plastic cornering to slot the clear plastic door into place, then drilled a hole through both materials and into the side wall so that I could slot an Allen key in, in order to lock the enclosure.

There’s also a wooden handle to prevent the plastic door from flexing, because my snakes are quite strong.

There two vivariums are connected by a hole in the top of the original vivarium, drilled using a tank cutter, and the top vivarium is secured using screws.

Currently I have only seen Elias slithering about up there, but he seemed quite content up there.