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Motion Graphics Website

In order to apply for the Motion Graphics post, I need to update my website.

However, since my website has mostly modelling and VFX on it, I figured it’d be best to just set up another motion graphics specific one.

Hence, I researched some other motion graphic sites, to see what was the typical format. I picked one independent artist and the other was a motion graphics company.


  • All one page
  • Still has contact specific page anyway
  • Portfolio page
  • About me page
  • Contact info is at both top and bottom along with social media

Sites I looked at:

Artist: http://www.davidmattock.co.ukhttp://www.davidmattock.co.uk

Company: http://squeezedmedia.com/services/2d-animation/?gclid=CM_gsZmo9M8CFZKZGwodZQgGWA





Link to my website: http://nataliehcoleuni.wix.com/mysite


  • Logical order
  • Minimal text – show it rather than spell it out
  • Contact form
  • CV to download
  • Showreel should be on it – first thing you see
  • Should be clean and not cluttered
  • Should clearly state the area you specialise in
  • Have a bit about you and your background
  • Social media links


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Do you ever want to draw something but have absolutely no idea what to draw?

Well, I had that problem today and was trying to think of something, and then thought that other people are bound to have had the same problem.

So I thought, most people would google the answer, so I did that and found this.

Link : http://something-to-draw.com/index.php?tags=&last_id=10301945315

It a website that will give you an image to draw.

There are also options for people to paint, sculpt, do origami, or even staining glass!

So that’s solved that problem now.