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Wolfhound Media

I got a reply from Wolfhound Media about working on one of their unfinished shorts, asking if I would be interested in it.

Since I’ve started creating assets for my own short and the deadlines are in February mostly, I’m conflicted. Also, I have pretty little experience in VFX and don’t want to waste their time, that being said, I think I’ll maybe give it a go.



Wolf Hound Creative

Aisling posted about the opportunity to work with Wolf Hound Creative on a short film.

I applied for that today and so we’ll see how it goes.

I spent the last two weeks building up a body of VFX work and updating my website and LinkedIn, so hopefully that will count for something.

There’s another position at MCS with After Effects that I’m going to go for and the closing date for that is the 27th, so hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some more work in for then.